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How To Find Amazing Deals on Vacation Rentals in Orlando

Trying to find a deal on your next vacation to Orlando? Average vacation rentals in Orlando can range from $100- $200 per night and that includes Disney Vacation rentals, condos, and personal properties according to FlipKey.com. Though many villas are designed for luxury living, there are many people who rent rooms in their house for very low prices. A way to find some of these renters is by searching on AirBnB and VRBO.

Vacation Rentals in Orlando, Florida

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Sites like Airbnb and VRBO give travelers the option to view vacation rentals and connect with property owners directly. Many property owners listed on Airbnb have pictures of themselves along with profiles that give personal information about them, such as age and career. Airbnb has over one thousand rental listings, with options to rent one room, a shared room, or an entire house or condo. Not only can you search for vacation rentals, you can also sign up to rent space in your own home!

VRBO is also a webpage to find private vacation villa rentals. It has many vacation home listings that include descriptions and user ratings. VRBO also has a calendar feature, to show which days the villa is booked and which days are open.

Vacation Homes vs. Hotels

The most important benefit for renting a vacation villa is the price. For people traveling in large groups, it is cheaper to rent a vacation home for about $200 a night so the group could split the cost.  Hotels in Orlando can range from $100 plus depending on where you stay, but at this cost you could find a much better deal with a vacation home. For example, the Radisson Hotel in Lake Buena Vista is about $100 a night, is a 3 star hotel, and has 4.1/5 user ratings. On Airbnb, there is a renter offering an entire apartment home located next to SeaWorld and only 3 miles from Disney at only $68 a night, and has a 4.5/5 customer satisfaction rate.

The downside to renting a room from a stranger is that it could definitely lead to some legal issues. Many hotels do have features that private homes may not provide, such as room service, pools, and bars. It really depends on what you are looking for and exactly what you want out of your vacation, but if you are looking for an overall cheaper place to stay, vacation homes are the way to go.



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