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Holiday Villas Orlando

holiday villas orlando

If you’re traveling to the city during the holiday season, some of the best spots to stay are the world-famous holiday villas in Orlando. Designed to give you premium accommodation at an affordable price, holiday villas are becoming more and more popular every year. Whether you’re traveling with your family or looking for an adult getaway, Orlando has the holiday villas to fit your need.

Why should I rent a holiday villa in Orlando?

The hotel scene can be noisy, crowded, and uncomfortable. If you’re ready for a change, then there are a number of popular holiday villas in Orlando to give you the experience that you deserve. In addition to being located close to popular attractions like Disneyworld and Universal Studios, many of these villas feature private pools and hot tubs, among other perks.

Villas are also ideal if you’re traveling with a larger group, like a sports team or an extended family. Depending on your needs, you can rent a villa with five or more bedrooms, for example. And, since some of those bedrooms may have bunk beds or multiple beds, it’s easy to comfortably fit a group of any size. Best of all, this method could allow you to split the cost between multiple people, making it far more affordable than even the most economical hotels. With that in mind, you can experience luxurious living at a fraction of the cost of a normal suite.

villas in orlando

Where can I find holiday villas in Orlando?

Often, holiday villas are individual homes that are rented out by either a company or an individual. Many can be found in classified listings, or online. However, some companies have built directory websites specifically for sorting through holiday villas. On these websites, you can take a virtual tour of your vacation home, and see exactly how much it would cost to rent per night, or per week. You can also check on availability, or contact the company to book your room today.

Just like hotels, renting a holiday villa can also give you special discounts on local theme parks and attractions. Since holiday villas often cater to larger groups of people, guests are usually eligible for group discounts and other perks. However, be sure to book your vacation well in advance, particularly if you plan on arriving during peak seasons, like Christmas.

How much do holiday villas in Orlando cost?

As with any accommodation, prices vary widely according to quality. In general, resort-type holiday villas (which are attached to a larger complex) can be found for under $100 per night. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a larger home with a private pool and other perks, expect to pay around $150 per night and up. Some holiday villas in Orlando will also require you to stay for an extended period of time – like a week. The time of year also affects your rate. During peak season, some holiday villas in Orlando will charge around 20% more per night, so it’s important to factor this into the cost of your vacation.

holiday villas orlando



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