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Medieval Times Orlando

Orlando Medieval Times

At Medieval Times, a night out isn’t just dinner – it’s an experience. Once you step inside, you’re transported from modern-day Orlando into the colorful world of medieval Spain. You’ll wait in the castle-themed lobby (with its fully-stocked gift shop) until the arena opens and seating begins. Seating inside the arena is divided into sections, each of which is represented by a color. The stadium-style seating surrounds the arena’s dirt floor, where the show will take place. Serving wenches (in full medieval costume) circulate through the audience, taking soft drink orders and passing out crowns that diners are encouraged to wear throughout the show; your crown will coordinate with the color of your seating section. Be prepared to wear your crown or be called out by your serving wench!
While the serving wench will bring you the beverage of your choice, all guests receive the same meal: soup, garlic bread, roasted chicken, a spare rib, herbed potatoes, and a pastry for dessert. A vegetarian meal is available; make sure you request it upon arrival (or when making your reservation online). The medieval theme is continued in meal service; your dinner will arrive on a metal plate, and without silverware. It may be messy, but it’s all part of the experience. As you eat, the Lord Chancellor will guide you through an engaging two-hour display of jousting, horsemanship, falconry, and of course, knights competing for the favor of the king. This show isn’t just a collection of separate acts; the plot is introduced early on and developed as the action progresses.

Medieval Times in Orlando, Florida

Even if you’re not excited by the medieval theme, the dressage demonstrations and falconry will keep you interested. The best way to ensure a fun night is to get into the show and have a good time. Diners are encouraged to participate from their seats, cheering on their knights and booing the opponents.

It’s recommended that you make your reservation ahead of your planned visit to be sure you can get seats. (Note: tickets are non-refundable, so plan ahead and schedule accordingly.) Children under 3 get in free, and different rates apply to adult and child (under 12) guests. In addition to the basic admission ticket, Medieval Times offers several upgrade packages that include perks like preferred seating, souvenirs, framed photos, and even a “Behind the Scenes” DVD. The Celebration package even includes slices of birthday cake. School groups can take in a lunch matinee and educational presentation as part of the Medieval Times Partners in Education program.

At Medieval Times, the focus is on perfecting the entire experience. The décor and the arena set the stage. The food, costumes, and entertainment recreate the atmosphere of medieval Spain. The finished product is a job well done; Medieval Times successfully captures the spirit of the era. Guests of all ages can enjoy the show, and it’s a fun and convenient venue for groups of any size. Whether you’re young or young at heart, you’re in for fun at Medieval Times.


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