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ICEBAR Orlando Review

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ICEBAR offers a unique experience in Orlando, which you’ll notice as soon as you step inside the door. The interior is kept at a temperature of just 27°. The chilly air keeps IceBar’s 50 tons of carved ice décor in perfect shape – literally. Everything from the furniture to the bar, even the glasses, is made of ice. With all that ice, you can be sure that the vodka behind the bar stays perfectly chilled. In addition to a wide array of vodka brands and flavors, IceBar offers a variety of mixed and specialty drinks. If you’re worried about staying warm inside IceBar, don’t be; winter capes and gloves are available at the front desk for you to wear. So even if you’re dressed for Orlando weather, you’ll be able to enter IceBar prepared to stay warm and comfortable.

If you’re planning your visit in advance, you can purchase tickets from IceBar’s website at a discounted price. Opt for either the single entry ticket (which covers your entry fee and rental of the IceBar cape and gloves), or select one of the Expedition packages; these packages include your

bar entry and a specified number of drinks at ICEBAR and its neighbor, Fire Lounge. You’ll notice that your ticket, whether you purchase the single entry or an Expedition package, lists a specific entry time. All tickets reserve you a 45-minute IceBar experience, after which you’ll be able to warm up in the adjacent Fire Lounge. The only exception is the Ultimate Expedition package, which offers you an unlimited experience inside IceBar. Another bonus to the Ultimate Expedition package: if you purchase this package this summer, you’ll be issued a “Summer Freeze” card that gives you free admission to IceBar and Fire Lounge all summer long. If you decide to order a single ticket online before your visit and change your mind at the door, not to worry; you can upgrade your ticket to any of their Expedition packages at the door.

Once inside, the icy interior is the most striking aspect of this venue; customers from all over the country visit for the experience, and IceBar doesn’t disappoint. Upbeat music plays all night, beckoning guests to the dance floor. There are plenty of photo opportunities, like the throne carved entirely out of ice; several IceBar photographers roam the space, snapping photos of guests to fill in their souvenir picture frames. You can also purchase snow globes and other IceBar memorabilia to capture the memories of your trip.

Customers love the wide selection of quality vodkas offered, as well as the tasty signature and mixed drinks on the menu. Another popular feature is the availability of the cape and gloves. If the cape isn’t fashion-forward enough for you, you can upgrade your rental to a white fur coat for an additional $10. An added perk is being able to walk directly into Fire Lounge to continue your night out, either once your experience ends or you’re just ready to warm up.

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